Our Core Values are the life line of our organization

 Cozicoutre is committed to leading in the “next generation” of technology. We are well-positioned to drive growth for the future with technical excellence in each business by developing a global technical capability, increasing new product growth, and investing in global research.

Unyielding Integrity
We are a company of integrity. We are a company of standards in each business transaction we make.

Commitment to Performance
We celebrate every success and milestone and demonstrate high energy and enthusiasm. Engage extensively across functional levels to attain common goals. Be the benchmark of excellence for others Evaluate, measure and review constantly. Make critical decisions with high granularity of information

Live by the Customer
We derive and convey genuine pleasure in serving customers and their end-consumers. To Exceed customer expectations on all key performance metrics and deliver an outstanding sourcing experience. Our endeavor is to add value to customers’ businesses.

Respect for People
We believe in uniform behavior across all levels. To create an enabling environment of meritocracy. Value other people’s time is very important. To practice professional etiquette and courtesy and emphasize team success over individual triumphs.

Service for Society
Each one of us is trying to make profits, is trying to grow and expand but we at Cozicoutre Export are doing it with a difference. We are very sensitive to the needs of the society as well. A part of whatever amount we earn goes for the welfare of the old and needy as part of the mission to run an Old Age Home.